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My practice covers a wide range of issues in commercial and entertainment law, including:

  • Entertainment transactions: representing clients in all areas of their careers in music, television, blogging, podcasting, film, print, and online entertainment business operations.
  • Music: serving clients all areas of music business law, including negotiation of agreements with labels and distributors, intellectual property issues, performance agreements, and contracts among band members and with professionals who work with artists, such as managers and consultants.
  • Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android): all transactions and legal advice necessary to build an application, including contracts with contractors and among colleagues, addressing intellectual property issues, developing and implementing policies for end users, and compliance with distributors and applicable law.
  • Small business operation, including corporate and LLC formation and maintenance, contracts with other businesses, contractors, clients, and vendors.
  • Trademark: registration and maintenance, as well as dealing with users of conflicting marks and domain names.
  • Copyright: registration, advice, contracts with co-creators and contractors, DMCA takedown notices, and dealing with infringers.
  • If you have found your way to this page but you’re looking for an attorney who specializes in an area of law that isn’t mentioned above, feel free to reach out regardless to see if I can help you. If you need an attorney in another field, I recommend contacting the New York City Bar Association Referral Service at: (212) 626-7373. More information is available at

    twitter: @rickpurcell

    You can also contact me via U.S. Mail at:

    Richard J. Purcell
    420 Lexington Avenue, Suite 300
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